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Putting on a big smile… are you hiding your depression?

Putting on a big smile… are you hiding your depression?

In Northern Nigeria, little or no attention is being paid to  depression. We tend to underestimate the disease. All we do is put all the blames on Evil Spirits. 

Depression is a serious and common mood disorder which can affect how you feel, the way you think, and how you act.Some people might be depressed but still manage to put on a smile on their faces. And behind those smiles are thousands of untold stories of pain. Sometimes we feel we  can resist it, or become too afraid of seeking help simply because people might see us as weak. Especially in this part of the country, where it’s not even recognized. It’s assumed you are just capable of handling any pain and saying you are depressed people will only see you as crazy. 

Depression is a serious medical disorder which can get worse without treatment. It’s a disease of the mind. A person who suffers from depression usually feels his past was a tragedy, his present is full of suffering and his future is hopeless . One often feels worthless, thereby making a person to display certain attitudes, such as: self isolation, anxiety, loss of appetite, gain/ loss weight, inactivity, or reduction in engaging in things he found interesting, insomnia or feeling restless in the middle of the night, excessive crying, irritability, procrastination, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, panic attacks, physical symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and pains. In some cases even suicidal thoughts. When depression creeps in, it cripples a person.

There are times you will feel suffocated , hopeless and helpless. Always trying to figure things out but you can’t, the more you think the more difficult it becomes.If you happen to be depressed you may experience a serious reduction on the level of your productivity  either at home, school or in the office. If you are already married you might likely be transferring your anger on your kids, spouse, and others around you,because of constant mood swings. You will also find it difficult to comprehend things, always being forgetful about important issues. People will see you as careless or irresponsible not knowing there is a serious battle you are fighting inside you.

Do not think of giving up on yourself and in all you are doing, the best way to fight is to remain super busy with doing things you enjoy. Once you retreat it will be sure to bring you down. I know it’s hard, and no one knows how are feeling right now but this is how you need to keep going. There are two major remedies of depression, either through medication or talk therapy. But I’ll emphasize on the talking therapy. Talking to a trusted friend or a family member is very vital at this stage even though they might not necessarily know the best way to snap you out of it. But we all know how much that could help.

It’s therefore, necessary for anyone noticing some of the above mentioned symptoms to seek for medical help. A certified therapist would help in assessing and evaluating you and also help in prescribing the right treatment. Taking anti depressant pills also helps a lot which can only be advised by your medical health provider. You might think of self treatment, it’s great but remember you may not necessarily know the right thing to do. Some of the feelings you may get can be overwhelming . You wouldn’t know when you’d switch to a certain behavior and why. So it’d be best if you’ll consult your healthcare provider for proper evaluation Other ways you can improve your self include

1. Take care of yourself : You must understand you are different and capable of changing yourself into a better person. Stop having a low opinion of yourself, quit blaming people and events. Let by gones be by gones since you can’t change the past. But you can change who you are right now and do not let depression take over your life.

2. Exercise: Engaging in exercises will help your body secret hormones called endorphins which improve your mood

3. Try to engage in activities you love doing. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop

4. Read Quran and try to understand it’s meanings.

5. If you love to read try reading novels and surf the internet to know more about your condition

6. Pray hard and remember Allah is always there for you. He tests you because He loves you more than anyone.

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  • Aisha Umar
    Posted October 1, 2021 8:31 pm 0Likes

    Nice one.

  • Ummus
    Posted October 1, 2021 8:51 pm 0Likes

    Beautiful piece ,i learnt alot

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