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Amb. Abdullahi Suleiman Omale.

It is not news that a higher percentage of Nigerian citizens have lost the patriotic zeal for the Nation for cheap survival mechanism. Coupled with the thoughts of some Nigerians to totally stay away from the affair of the country which has had a devastating effect on the Nation.

I will sadly state that most Nigerians have a very bad perception about the future and dream of the Nation, capitalizing on the failures of Government at all levels, and failing to make corrections in their own part.

Most citizens of Nigeria have forgotten that the betterment of the country does not lie on the Government alone but all of US.

A local goods seller laments countlessly on the failure of Government from it’s own part, but cheat buyers at the slightest opportunity, a shoe maker and a local phone engineer courageously squander payments made for his or her service without given the necessary services and unfortunately school teachers or lecturers collecting peanuts from students to top up scores and blindly put it on the bad leadership of the Leaders, not realizing bad Leadership is not an excuse for unpatriotic lifestyles.

Most Nigerians say Nigeria can not be better but worst because those waiting to loot from National treasuries are higher in number than those looting, forgetting renewed patriotism grooms better future leaders.

Ultimately every citizen is a leader even as we criticize those at the helms of affairs for not judiciously managing funds or critically putting national interest as core aim.

Leadership begins at home and patriotism and unity amongst Nigerians an their dealings are key ingredient in National development.

The first point in good leadership is the complete submission to the call to serve humanity[S.O Abdullahi] and that the strength of the leader depends on the satisfaction of the followers[Abdullahi Suleiman O, 2020]

Nigerians can be better and Nigeria can be greater again if we unite, renew our patriotism and count National issues as critical, referring solutions.

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