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How to unleash your child’s Talent

How to unleash your child’s Talent 

What does your child do well? Every child is gifted in his own way. A child does not have to be extremely intelligent before he becomes gifted, he doesn’t have to know maths and English so well before he’s called that. Infact, some gifted children are not those who score ‘As’ in their subjects as giftedness can come in different forms.

Some kids could be interested in Maths, Dance, Music, Arts, Talking, Technology and other forms of creativities. Even though here, some of the above i mentioned are not recognized culturally and religiously. You can still try to flip their interest into passion. For example if that child is interested in playing games, sign him up to kid’s coding classes. 

Identifying your kids talent isn’t about gaining bragging rights as i read somewhere, it’s about finding the right educational needs that best suits them and encouraging their talents. It’s therefore crucial for parents to help and nourish their kid’s talents so they wouldn’t become wasted or ill recognised.

Sometimes, the kids are seen as destructive or mentally not stable as a result of the certain characteristics associated to gifted kids. For example  “When Thomas Edison was a boy, his teachers told him he was too stupid to learn anything. Isaac Newton did poorly in grade school. Albert Einstein was four years old before he could speak and seven before he could read. A newspaper editor fired Walt Disney because he had “no good ideas”. 

Alot of kids are being discouraged and criticized along the way. Which would probably destroy the giftedness in them

While some Parents focus academically by forgetting about their kid’s opinions, ideas, and dreams. Which is a huge mistake, because the kid’s talent will end up being wasted. Even though, giftedness can’t be taught but it can be encouraged. If you look care fully you can discover what they have in them. Parents therefore should start nurturing that talent at an early age.

In trying to understand your kid’s gifts you have to open your mind and be ready to tolerate what they are coming in with. In order to raise a gifted child you have to respect their Uniqueness. Alot of parents make the the mistake of enforcing their  ideologies on their kids, remember not all kids are born to be medical doctors and engineers. Allow the child to be who he wants to be as far as it does not contradict the cultural and religious practices.

Some kids are extremely curious, always trying to know the “know how” of a thing. They are not being destructive, they’re just trying to quench the need of their brain to learn more. Some can be very inquisitive, so litsen to them and give them the right answer. While some may possess excellent memory, long attention span, fluent and flexible thinking, excellent reasoning skills, excellent problem solving skills, learn quickly and with less practice and repetition.

Children need to know that their Uniqueness are being cherished and appreciated. That way, you will encourage them. Sometimes, your kids will force you to watch them while they are playing especially when they are at early age, you don’t even get what they are up to,  but you just have to keep looking at them like a fool and pretend you are.

As a parent, remember you are your child’s first teacher, therefore, here are some of the ways you can help develop your child’s talent.

-Foster a healthy parent-child relationship 

-Encourage them to develop their talents.

-Be open to your child’s ideas and inspirations.

-Encourage them to keep learning new things ,so as to become up to date.

-Praise their efforts and successes.

-Do not emphasize on perfections, remember it’s okay to make mistakes and allow them to learn from it.

 Stand back and watch your child blossom 

Fadhila Nuruddeen Muhammad 

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