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Choices Chapter 8

Chapter 8(Maya)
It’s been a month since the whole Nurrain hospital drama and things have finally gone back to normal or at least a new version of normal. Results were posted last week and I got a solid 3.8 GPA,for the first time in a while dad smiled at me again, he has been giving me the cold shoulder for days but yesterday when I told him the result he was so proud he forgot about how mad he was at me. I’m glad we could put it behind us and move forward with our lives now. Things are really looking up since I made up with Nurah a week ago after he put me through a little round of grovelling to gain his forgiveness for getting his best friend beat up. He’s still not back from visiting his mom in Adamawa since she is still not doing better,so I can’t fault him for staying but Lord knows I miss him and I want my person back as soon as possible so I pray she gets better soon. The only issue I have these days is I can’t figure out what Dad, Hajiya and Kawu are cooking up. I know something is up with them and whatever it is it has something to do with me but I can’t figure out what. They keep having secret meetings at Hajiya’s house and whenever I pass by they give me this side looks so I’m beginning to worry about it.
I also can’t seem to get past Nurrain for some reason I’m stuck on him, my guilt for his injury just wouldn’t leave me no matter how hard I try to shake it. Over the past month I’ve tried to call and check up on him a few times but he hasn’t picked up once, the last time I called he sent me a harsh text message telling me in Caplocks to ‘leave him the fuck alone’ his words not mine so I decided to let it go. The only information I’ve gotten about his health is from Nurah,who didn’t really go into the details of it,all he said was he’s fine and I shouldn’t worry about it. I tried calling Yah Nabila only to find out I don’t have airtime so I picked up my veil and decided to go out and buy some from the shop down the road. I haven’t really been going out much since school is out so it’ll give me a chance to stretch my legs.
The sun is out but it wasn’t scorching hot and light breeze is blowing making it a perfect weather to stroll so I decided to take the long way to the shop. Enjoying my walk gave me peace and quiet from everything that’s been happening the last few weeks Until I see him,he looks better than the last time I saw him, no sign of a bandage anywhere,anyone that doesn’t know him will assume he’s fine but I can see his gait is off and he’s putting a bit more weight on his right leg as he walks. He must not have seen me as he was texting on his phone as he almost passed by me but I couldn’t let this chance pass by, he’s still a rude hardheaded guy but I had to know for my sake not his so I stepped in front of him and said ”hi stranger! I haven’t seen you in a while!” I was going for chipper rather than hostile,which is my usual go to, maybe he’ll respond to nice Maya rather than angry Maya. He looked up from his phone stared at me for a minute and tried to circle around me and keep moving but I quickly blocked him. He is not running without having this conversation, no way!.
He gave a huff of frustration before saying “Move Maya, I don’t have time for this”
“Well make time, I just want to know how you’re doing you don’t have to be so mean about it” I told him.
“Look, I’m fine as long as you stay away from me so do me a favor and stop stalking me”
“I’m not stalking you, it’s a free country I just happened to bump into you and decided to check on you but since clearly you’re back to your usual annoying self I’m sure you’re more than fine, I mean God forbid anyone should care about Mr perfect. Sure I lied and it got you beaten up but I have apologised a million times already so what more do you want me to do for you to let this go huh! I’m tired of the way you’re looking at me with accusation in your eyes!”
“it’s nice to see some things haven’t changed it’s been a month and you’re still at each other’s throats huh!” Nurah said as he approached us from the side. I can’t believe he’s back and he didn’t tell me, I rushed up to him and stopped short just of embracing him out of happiness “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you’re coming back today!”
“Well, it’s good I didn’t or I wouldn’t get to see you giving Nurrain a dressing down in public! When will you stop Maya, Nurrain has already been sent to the hospital by your crazy family he really doesn’t need you coming for his mental health as well” He snapped and I lost my smile
“What! I was just trying to check on him I wasn’t…..”
“That’s how you check on people by shouting at them in the middle of the street!” His voice was rising with each word and he was trying to attract attention. I can’t believe Nurah is chastising me in public like this, how could he humiliate me like that.
“You know what! I don’t need this crap from you!” I turned away to leave but his words stop me in my tracks “there you go running again! Like a child any time some one calls you on your bullshit you turn away and run!” Before I could give him a piece of my mind Nurrain butted in “man chill, we’re in public let’s just go I don’t want any drama”
“Yeah, you better take him home he must clearly be out of his mind from his long journey so I’m giving him a pass but he says one more thing to me and I won’t be responsible for the words that’ll come out of my mouth!” I turned around and left after that.
My blood boiling with anger. How could he do that to me I mean Nurah has never raised his voice at me but today he totally disgraced me and over that Nurrain of all people.
By the time I made it home I was wiping angry tears off my face with the back of my hands,I refuse to be treated as an option not again. All my life I’ve never been a priority to anyone not even to my family. I’ve always been the second option to my dad because he always puts Yah Nabila first when we were growing up and the only time I get his attention is when I mess up something and he has to punish me, it’s no wonder I mess up alot that is the only time he notices me. All my relationships prior to being with Nurah have ended because  some cheated while others ghosted.
I thought with Nurah I’ll always be his number one just like he is always my number one but clearly I’m wrong about that. Nurrain will always be more important than me and I can’t deal with that. Thank God no one was at the compound when I got in so I headed to the tap by the flower bed and splashed water on my face so no one can tell I’ve been crying and went in the house only to find an ambush waiting for me. Hajiya,dad, Kawu and Ummi were all seated and they instantly went quiet when I walked in so clearly they’ve been discussing me.
“Where have you been Maya we’ve all been waiting for you, why didn’t you pick up your phone I’ve been calling you for a while now” dad jumped down my throat
“I’m sorry,I went to buy credit and left my phone in the room I didn’t know you were waiting on me”
“Fine, take a seat. We need to tell you something” my back went up and I braced myself for anything as I gingerly sat down.
Kawu cleared his throat and said the four words that’ll implode my world “we’re getting you married!”
It took a minute for it to sink in, for a minute all I could hear is white noise. Kawu’s lips were moving but I didn’t hear anything as the news sank in.
“But wait! I don’t understand! Dad promised he’ll only get me married after I’ve finished my degree” right now that’s the only leg I have to stand on.
“Well, I did make that promise but that was before you became out of control, Maya you were roaming around with a boy and almost got all your uncles locked up for assault so I figured since you’re not going to keep your promise to me to stay away from boys why will I keep my promise to you!” Dad answers and my heart sinks
Hajiya took over from there “look Maya we are not doing this to punish you, what’s done it’s done rather we are doing this for your own good maybe when you get married and finally have a family of your own you’ll get settled and let go of all this restless energy”
“And look at the bright side we are not going to match you up with a stranger, you and Walid have always gotten along out of all your cousins. You two used to be besties when you were kids so we figured he’s the right choice for you. We are your family and we’re only looking out for your best interest!” Kawu adds.
“So you think the same Walid that broke my fingers because I pointed at him once and left me in school for hours after closing because I told his mom he goes to play with horses after she forbid him from going to farm house again! I mean we are talking about the same person that just a month ago broke a wood over Nurrain’s head I stopped being his friend because he is an agressive bully but sure he’s the right choice for me!”
“Watch your tone young lady! Don’t you dare take that sarcastic tone with us ko Kinga sa’an ki anan!” Dad snapped at me but all I could do was roll my eyes, I felt drained of all energy. The hits just keep coming today.
“I don’t care how you feel about it or whether you like Walid or not, I’m your father and it is my responsibility to find the right man for you and Walid is that man so you better get on board because my word is final!” Dad said
“Are you really going to do this to me Dad! Really? I asked him full of Hope that this is just a big joke that went to far
“I’m dead serious so you better get ready you’re getting married as soon as we finish the arrangements!”
There really isn’t anything more to say so I got up and moved to my room locking the door behind me so no one will stop me as I let out a high pitched scream of frustration. I can’t believe they’ll do this to me! What am I supposed to do now! I can’t let this happen, I have to find a way to stop them. I pulled out my phone and called the man that’ll help me put a stop to this madness.

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    I just don’t want to stop reading. You are such an amazing writer, more grease to your elbow

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    This is just wow! I just dont want to stop reading. You are such an amazing writer, more grease to your elbow

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