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  1. Striving to guide/correct one’s spouse

If one’s spouse is righteous, this is a blessing indeed, and this is from the Bounty of Allah. Though the man is the head of the household and should guide the wife, for the purpose of building the home, both parties can share in this role.

A man must also realize from the onset that guidance comes from Allah, and that Allah is the One Who reforms people. One of His blessings to his slave Zakariya was, as He said (interpretation of the meaning): “… and [We] cured his wife for him…” [al-Anbiya’ 21:90]. This curing or reforming may have been physical or religious.

Ibn ‘Abbas (RadiyalLahu anhu) said: “She was barren and could not have children, then she had a child.” ‘Ataa’ said: “She was harsh of tongue, and Allah reformed her.”

There are various means of guiding or reforming one’s wife, such as paying attention to correcting her worship of Allah in all its aspects.

12 Shawwal, 1444 AH (NMSC,Nigeria).

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  • Mubaraka Abdu
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    Masha Allah such a wonderful right up

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