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Being a girl…

Being a girl I asked myself,
where did my soul go?
Why did I let it runaway?
What happened to that girl?
Who was an epitome of innocence,
And while I think about my essence,
Then I asked my self again,
Am I not that girl who’s not loved by all?
Am I not that girl who thinks of bright future?
I’m not the kind who relies on others,
Am I not struggling to fight for my right?
I am dreaming of wearing a diamond ring.

I learn from my mistakes,
From the wrong turns I took,
From the fake friends I made,
And the bad times I had,
My mistakes helped me to tiptoe,
To toddle, to stand on my feet, to grow.

And then,I try to be a good girl,
The kind of girl who has it all together,
Who works hard in every single weather,
And I am perfect, just the way I am,
Without a doubt in my mind.
I’m different, I assure you,
I am strong.

I am glad to be a girl
I live it up, won’t give it up;
I love the pain I feel,
The suffering and the challenges I face,
And I live in peace, awaiting my fate.

Hafsah haruna abubakar

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