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Choices Chapter 12

Choices Chapter 12

Chapter 12(Maya)
I took a minute to look at myself in the mirror one more time. You only get married once after all, I took in my wine colored Abaya and the matching scarf I had rolled around my face. The baby hair on my forehead is peeping out of the scarf as usual, I tried to cover it up with my cap but it slipped out of position, this hair is the bane of my existence, I love it because it makes me look somewhat cute and exotic when I jell and style it properly but anytime I want to cover it up, it turns into a dragging contest between me and the headwrap coz it just keeps peeping out. I leave it be and dust a little more powder on my nose, can’t have the bride looking too shiny on her wedding day. My hands tremble as I tried to apply Khol in my eyes, pain hit me as I poked my eyes by mistake, I dropped the applicator and sat back down on the stool.
My hands were still trembling so I rubbed them together to stop it but they just won’t stop. Why am I so nervous? I’m getting married to the love of my life in less than two hours, I should be Happy and celebrating not feel like I have a pit in my stomach. Maybe I’m just afraid something might go wrong at the last minute, Uncle Muhammadu assured me everything is ready and nothing will go wrong but until they pronounce us husband and wife I’ll not stop worrying. My phone pinged and a message from Uncle Muhammadu pops up on the screen telling me he is ten minutes away. Now is not the time to be spiralling so I got up and grabbed a wipe to clean up the mess I made of my eyes with the Khol. I quickly fix my face and looking back at me in the mirror is a slightly enhanced version of my normal self. I hardly wear makeup unless I have to because it’s a tedious process that takes a lot of time and most time ends up with me looking like a stranger in the mirror but not today. Today I made an effort to enhance rather than change my appearance completely. I did the glossy lips with a hint of rose colored lip stick, brushed my eyebrows straight and dusted my face with powder, the smoky eyes with the Khol and liquid liner on the lids tied the whole look together. I looked great but not over the top, the wine colored gown dripping in sequence of dazzling stones worked well with my caramel complexion plus it’s a freestyle gown and covers up the fact that I looked like a Malnourished Barbie doll, with the drastic weight loss I’ve gone through over the last week since this whole wedding saga began, it took me hours of going through all my clothes before deciding on this one and I’m glad I did because I look beautiful in it.
I grabbed my bag off the hanger and proceeded to fill it with my purse, my phone charger, and a couple of make up items and perfumes.
I took one last look at the room I spent my childhood in and ran out the room before the tears could fall, I know I’m doing the right thing but it still hurts. When I step foot out of my home today I’m not coming back for God knows how many years until Nurah finishes his studies. I’ll be leaving all my clothes, my possessions, my siblings and my Dad behind. The last one hurts the most because he might have been the one to put me in such an impossible situation but he’s still my dad,my last surviving parent and I love him more than anything. I just hope that one day soon we will be able to fix our relationship and he’ll learn to accept Nurah as my husband. I found Uncle Muhammadu playing with Khadija our youngest on the couch when I made it to the living room. Ummi was on the other chair laughing at something on the TV and not paying them any attention. He looked up at me with a bright smile and said “you’re finally out, it took you long enough, let’s get going. I have other things to do you know” he carried little Khadija over to her mother and set her down, she tried to cling on to him but he wouldn’t take her back and the little diva burst into fake tears to get her way as usual. We didn’t call her our little banshee for nothing, she had a set of lungs that’ll rival an opera singer and she used it to her advantage all the time, filling the house with screams until you give in or she exhausted herself to sleep.
“She has started again! She won’t stop unless you take her with you so please just go with her you guys aren’t going far anywhere” Ummi pleads with us.
“Yeah just go with her so we can have some peace around here, the saloon isn’t that far from here and you won’t stay long,right?” Dad said as he walked in from his room. Uncle Muhammadu and I shared a look, what now?
“Yayah, after I drop Maya off, I’m going to Kwari market to get my shoe for the wedding, then I have to swing by my tailor for the clothes and I also have to go to the bank, the caterer said she still hasn’t received the money I sent her yesterday and the bank still hasn’t reversed me back so you see I have lots of errands to run, I can’t have a baby tagging along since I can’t drive with one hand, and once we drop Maya there will be no one to hold her”
Dad turned to me and said ” you can just leave her with Maya at the salon then and go and run your errands” I quickly put an end to that idea before Uncle Muhammadu agrees “I’ll be busy getting all decked up for this stupid marriage you’re forcing on me the least you can do is not add a baby for me to take care of as well, I’ll be in the car” I turned around to flee the scene hurrying to the car, once I was safely inside I pulled out my phone and called Nurah to update him. He didn’t pick up so I texted him we’re on our way just as Uncle Muhammadu opened the door and sat at the driver’s side.
“Wooo, I totally thought we’ll get busted” he said as he turns on the ignition and started driving.
“I told you the saloon excuse will work, Dad will agree to anything as long as it has to do with this wedding” he gave me a look full of worry before asking “are you sure about this Maya? for someone getting married you don’t seem too excited. If you’re having second thoughts just say the word and I’ll turn the car around”
I thought about turning the car around and putting a stop to all this for a minute but all that will lead to is me becoming a prisoner trapped in a loveless marriage that is doomed to fail eventually, on the other hand if I take the plunge and marry Nurah I might have to take a leap of faith and move with him into the great unknown but at least I’d wake up every morning secure in the fact that I am loved and that it’s worth fighting for so I told Uncle Muhammadu “I’m just nervous but I’m ready for this, there’s no going back for me”
He explained the process to me as we drove, he told me all I have to do is convince the judge I’m being forced in to a marriage against my will and he’ll take care of the rest. “I just hope everything works out and I don’t come to regret this” he mused and I assured him it’ll all be fine, we’ve come this far and I’ll all work out.
He let out a sad sigh and said “Hajiya and yayah are going to be so angry at me”
“Not as angry as they’ll be with me so don’t sweat it, you’re Hajiya’s favorite child she’ll be angry for a minute no doubt but she’ll eventually forgive you but Dad might never be able to forgive me for this, you know how stubborn he can get”
“Yeah but he’s not unreasonable, once he sees that you’re happy with your marriage he’ll realize you made the right choice and I’m sure he’ll understand, he’s your dad and at the end of the day all he wants is your happiness”
We didn’t talk much after that till we arrived at the courthouse. We were parking the car when we saw Nurrain parked two cars away from us looking angry and chastising a middle aged man standing next to him, the man looked unsteady on his feet as if a strong breeze will knock him over.
“Wooo!” Uncle Muhammadu exclaims as we watched Nurrain uncap a bottle and threw water straight at the man’s face. “What’s going on with those two?” I asked as we stepped out of the car and headed over to them so we can find out. But then some one called out to my Uncle and he had to go meet his friend ” make sure everything is cool with them and I’ll see you inside, I have to go meet up with Yunusa he’s the one introducing us to the judge” he went and I headed towards Nurrain who is too busy with his conversation he didn’t notice me approaching.
“Is everything okay?” I asked his back and he turned around to face me, clearly angry at being interrupted until he saw it was me but he still didn’t loose the irritable look on his face “wow!you can’t even fake a smile for the bride on her wedding day!” I teased and he put on the fakest smile imaginable all teeth and no warmth
“There, I smiled. Happy now?”
“Very” I told him before looking around but when I didn’t see him I had to ask “so where is my groom?”
“He’s almost here, he had to take care of some last minute arrangements” he said and turned back to the man he was talking to earlier and asked him to walk in a straight line for him.
“Why are you torturing this poor man, I saw you throw water at his face earlier aren’t you ashamed of harassing him, he’s old enough to be your father you know”
He gave me a dry look “he is a father to me seeing as he’s my Uncle and he’s supposed to be a witness for you two but as you can see this darling old man you’re standing up for decided to get drunk on your wedding day. I have to sober him up before they call us in or there won’t be a wedding at all so quit bugging me and let me handle this my way”
“What! Seriously. You brought a drunk as a witness! Where did he even get the alcohol in the first place! You should have kept him away from the bottle if you knew he had a problem!” I snapped at him and he twirled around to face me equally as pissed “don’t take that tone with me! I’m trying to get him sober aren’t I so if you’re not going to help just stay away from me, I don’t have time for your smart mouth today!”
“God! You’re so annoying!” I fired back “I don’t want to put up with your attitude either”
“Glad we can agree on something! I can’t wait for you to finally get married and leave with Nurah, at least I’ll finally be rid of you!” He said
“I never want to see your face again either!” I assured him. He opened his mouth to make another nasty comment no doubt, when his uncle speaks for the first time since I arrived “children, there’s no need to argue I’m fine, all I need is a strong cup of tea and I’ll be right as rain” he managed to get all the words out but his eyes were dazed and he swayed on his feet.
Nurrain ignored him, opened the door of the car and helped him sit down on the seat before looking my way. “I’ll go get him the tea I saw one Mai shayi outside, keep an eye on him for a minute please!” He stalked off without waiting for my response. Typical, he never seems to be in a good mood around me. His Uncle seems content to lay his head back on the head rest and relax as we wait for his nephew so I pulled out my phone and called Nurah again. he picked up on the second ring this time around and said “hey wifey! I’m almost there you don’t have to wait much longer”
I let out a sigh of relief “thank God, be quick and save me from your besties terrible attitude at least after today I won’t have to see him again for years to come” he didn’t answer for a minute I thought the call got disconnected but when I looked at the screen it was still connected “hey are you still there?”
“Yeah, sorry I was just lost in thought and Maya you really need to find a way to get along with Nurrain because he’s going to be in your live for a long time”
“You can still be besties with him but please don’t tell me to like him because I just can’t, anyways enough of that is everything ready for our trip”
“Uhm, yeah everything is fine but babe I need to tell you something before the wedding” he said and I froze. I wanted to drop the phone, close my ears and chant lalala like a kid once more but I needed to know
“Is something wrong?” I reluctantly asked in a tiny voice.
“No! Don’t worry everything is fine, I just wanted us to have a talk about our future plans that’s all” he was quick to assure me.
“Why do I feel like you’re lying to me?”
“I promise every thing is good, don’t worry. I’m about to enter the court premises now, see you soon” he hung up before I could say goodbye. My heart wouldn’t stop racing I’m sure he’s hiding something from me but what exactly. Some one tapped me on the shoulder from behind and I just 6 inches above the ground as I yelled in fright. “Hey chill, it’s just me!” Uncle Muhammadu said putting his hands in the air like a criminal about to be arrested. Nurrain’s uncle burst out laughing clearly up from his fake doze. “Nurrain’s girl you’re really fun to watch, he did good choosing you!” He said laughing his head off. “I am not his girl!” I bit out angrily before turning to Uncle Muhammadu “you can’t sneak up on people like that, it’s weird!”
“I called out to you but you were too lost in Dreamland to notice. Anyways time for you to go meet the judge, I explained everything to him but he wants to see you just to be sure” Where’s the groom? He looked at the time on his phone “anyway it doesn’t matter, you go in first and I’ll wait out here for him, the judge is squeezing us in his busy schedule so we need to be quick”
“Won’t you be coming in with me?” I asked but he shakes his head “no he wants to be sure no one is forcing you and you are here of your own free will”
“Okay then, wish me luck!” I said with fake cheer and headed inside. This is it, time to pull up my big girl panties and get married.
The judge was an old man with a kind face that reminds me of my late grandpa. He asked me to sit and offered me water the minute I walked into his chamber which I declined “okay then, tell me everything?” He asked and so I told him everything. Once we’re done he asked his secretary to send it the groom and told me I could go. “Don’t worry about anything, I’ll make everything right for you, okay” he said and I thanked him and left. I passed by Nurah and Nurrain as I walked out. They made a striking picture Nurah clad in a black shadda and cap that enhanced his fair skin and made him look even more handsome than usual and even Nurrain looked good, as much as it pains me to admit it he really is a handsome devil. He had that tall dark and handsome profile, with broad shoulders and muscled frame. He probably spends most of his time at a gym working out his agression and it shows, even covered up in his white kaftan you can tell he’s ripped, where Nurah is lean and has that build of a runner or MMA fighter, Nurrain is stacked and moves like a commando. Apart they both look handsome enough to warrant a second look together they make a picture that demands your undivided attention. When they came close to me,Nurah grabbed hold of my hand and squeezed it for a minute while smiling at me “it’s all going to be fine, 10 minutes more and you’re mine” I returned his smile and told him I can’t wait. He let me go and walked into the Chambers leaving Nurrain and I hovering by the door. He didn’t say a word to me just kept tapping away at his phone. After a while, I couldn’t stand the silence it was stifling so I blurted out “is your Uncle finally sober?” He didn’t reply just nodded, the ass. Two could play this game so I ignored him as well and focused on my phone, I had no one to text so I opened my browser and started browsing mindlessly. The sound of the door opening had us both looking back as Nurah emerged. He looked Happy so it must have gone well “he asked us to send our representatives”
“That’s great, everything is going as planned” I said happily and Nurah gave me a big smile in agreement “time to get hitched!” He declared and we all moved out to get our people. I felt on top of the world and nothing’s going to bring me down.
I head straight to Uncle Muhammadu who was leaning next to a Mango tree while Nurrain’s uncle sat next to him on a wooden bench. “It’s time, he wants to see you both” I told them and they instantly sat up. Nurrain pulled out a bundle of one hundred thousand from his pocket and handed it over to his Uncle saying “here is the dowry, give it to them when they ask” Nurah was quick to protest “dude! I already have the dowry ready you don’t have to pay for…..”
“I know, but keep your money with you, you’re going to need it where you are going” Nurrain shoots him down. Nurah looked like he was about to argue some more but my Uncle stepped in. “Okay enough, just let him do it, it’s his responsibility after all. since all is set let’s go and get this over with”
Nurrain points at him in agreement “listen to Uncle he knows what he’s talking about” my uncle nods as he left with Nurrain’s uncle and we all sat on the bench waiting.
“You didn’t need to do that Man, honestly it’s too much” Nurah laments and Nurrain just laughed “chill Man, it’s done. Send me a nice watch when you reach UK if it bothers you too much”
“Deal” he agreed.
I sat there trying to sort out how I feel about Nurrain paying my dowry, the thought makes me feel a little icky but I couldn’t help admiring him a little, he goes out of his way to help the people he cares about no matter what. He’s a giver even though I don’t like him I can’t begrudge him of that. I glanced at Nurah who is in a conversation with Nurrain and he looks sort of downcast today, he’s smiling but it seems forced and he looks pensive like a man waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Our conversation earlier came to mind and I had to ask “are you alright hun?” He turned to face me and asked “I’m fine, why’d you ask?”
“Something is up with you, I can tell. Just tell me, whatever it is we will handle it together”
Our people came back before he could answer. Their faces beaming with happiness as they stood in front of us “congratulations kids! You’re finally married!” Nurrain’s uncle announced while my uncle handed me a sheet of paper which I collected in a daze, I can’t believe we pulled it off ” that is your marriage certificate so keep it safe” I looked down at the newly printed certificate while the rest of them celebrated around me.
At first I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but then I rubbed them and read the sentence again and it still remained the same  ‘marriage certificate of Maya Garba and Nurrain Abubakar’  printed in bold and carrying the official stamp.
“This can’t be right, there’s been some sort of mistake!” I said handing back the paper to uncle Muhammadu with trembling hands. Chill Maya, it’s just a typo or a mix up with the printer they’ll sort it all out in a jiffy I told myself while he read the certificate and looked up to face me and said “there’s no mistake, you and Nurrain finally got hitched congratulations!”  And I lost all feelings in my legs as my ears filled with white noise. This cannot be happening right now! I most be trapped in a nightmare, please God, let me wake up from this now.

Hey lovelies, I’m sorry I took so long to update,my life just got crazy busy and I couldn’t find time to write. I’m sorry, due to the situation I won’t be able to post new chapters everyday as earlier promised but I promise to try posting 2 chapters whenever I’m opportuned so please stay tuned and bear with me…….
Besides it’s wedding session for our couples so what do you think went wrong in that chamber and how are things going to go from here!

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