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109. He invalidated his wudoo’ whilst doing the prostration of forgetfulness (sujood al-sahw); what should he do?

Two scenerios can play out in this case:

  1. If he prostrated before the salaam, his prayer is rendered invalid, because saying the tasleem at the end of the prayer is a pillar or essential part of prayer, and he broke his wudoo’ before doing this essential part.
  2. If he had said the salaam at the end of his prayer, and he only had the prostration of forgetfulness to do, then he lost his wudoo during it or before he did it, then his prayer is valid and he does not have to do anything else, because the prostration is making up for a mistake in the prayer, and it is not rendered invalid by missing it.

And Allah knows best.

20 Jumada Ula, 1442 AH.

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