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107. Is it permissible to hang up clothes in the bathroom?

No doubt the bathrooms (toilets) are abodes of the devils, so no one should stay in them except as long as he needs to.

Zayd ibn Arqam (RadiyalLahu anhu) reported that the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “These places where you relieve yourselves are inhabited (by the devils), so if one of you goes to the place in which he relieves himself, let him say ‘A‘oodhu Billahi min al-khubthi wa’l-khabaa’ith (I seek refuge with Allah from the male and female devils).’”
(Abu Dawoud, 6; Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood).

The word “inhabited” means that the jinn and devils frequent these places, lying in wait for the sons of Adam, to harm them and cause mischief, because they are places where ‘awrahs are uncovered and the name of Allah is not mentioned.
(Mirqaat al-Mafaateeh, 1/386).

An-Nawawi (may Allah have mercy on him) said: It is mustahabb to avoid places frequented by the Shaytaan.
(Sharh an-Nawawi ‘ala Muslim, 5/183).

Inspite of the above, hanging up clothes in the bathroom is not prohibited. As for the devils lying in wait to cause harm, that also has nothing at all to do with clothes  and hanging them up.

And Allah knows best.

18 Jumada Ula, 1442 AH.

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